Our Approach

At SW Autos, our approach is simple. We recognise that the value of our business lies in our loyal customers, and we do our very best to delight each client that walks through our doors. Furthermore, in an age of increasingly complex vehicles, we have an "old-school" garage philosophy that leads us to challenge the apparent "dealer default" of simply replacing parts as the easiest option - we seek to understand the issue and repair expensive components, rather than replace them, where cost-effective. Our capacity to deliver on this is substantiated by a high degree of manufacturer vehicle knowledge, enabled by the latest technology and engineering skills.


A Focus on Value...

Motoring is expensive enough these days without having to pay Main Dealer prices for servicing and maintenance. SW Autos is proudly independent. Our full workshop facilities with dealer-level computer equipment mean that we can handle every job you might encounter. And we understand that you need to make considered choices when it comes to repairs, so we'll explain the options available to you. We'll always do our best to delight you, our customers, with our focus on client service and value for money.

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... A Passion for Performance

SW Autos is Kent's premier performance tuner, catering to all manufacturers with specialism in German, Swedish and Japanese cars. We're trusted by owners the length of the country - and into Europe - to maintain and upgrade their cherished vehicles. Whether you drive a BMW or a Volvo, a Focus or a Skyline, a 4x4 / SUV or a Jaguar - we can help you look after your pride and joy, and realise your performance objectives.

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